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Golf/Ballesteros.- Severiano Ballesteros, the genesis of modern golf

The world of golf today with great sadness goodbye to English Severiano Ballesteros, one of his biggest and historical players, with a track record full of records, qualifications and achievements and with which this sport has given a new impetus.

Golf has lost one of their number ones from the 80s and one of the modern players of the old continent's most successful in the majors, exceeded only by the Englishman Nick Faldo, with six 'big' and as the highest number of wins on the European Tour has, grazing fifty, most recently in 1995 by Open of Spain, for a total of 87 victories.

"With Ballesteros was the genesis of modern golf, made the ball 'talk'," he said during the presentation of the autobiography of journalist Michael Robinson Spaniard, born in Britain, a country that has always professed from all levels of an immense admiration for 'Seve'.

probably because Pedreña, which ruled the tough world of rowing where his father was a prominent figure Baldomero signed Islands memorable performances, as his three British Opens (1979, 1984 and 1988), or their exploits in the Ryder Cup, a tournament much appreciated by the British. Therefore

also decided there in Carnoustie (Scotland) 2007, edition of 'British' in which Sergio Garcia came very close to inherit his victory and on the course where he played his first British Open at age 18, announce golf left, "the toughest decision" of his life, months after trying the adventure of the Champions Tour, the American circuit for veterans because he wanted to "keep fighting."

A struggle started since childhood, encouraged by his uncle, Ramon Sota, a leading player in the 60's and family's main stronghold golf, and supported by innate qualities. Exploded in the mid 70's when the game was a thing of whites, and in 1976 at Royal Birkdale dazzled, leading the 'major' UK for three days, but finishing second tied with a legend like Arnold Palmer.

There, he began his love affair with the 'British' which was not completed until three years later when he won the youngest so far to do so and when it was enshrined in the Old Continent, with three of his six Order of Merit to his credit (1976-77-78).

A year later expanded his resume with his first 'green jacket' in Augusta, the first European to slip into this garment, that dress again in 1983 when he was seen by many as the number one. Spain, however, hardly knew the figure of this Cantabrian it took to find his country's appreciation for his person and golf. In 1984 and 1988, joined the other two British Opens and in 1989 received the Award Prince of Asturias Sports.


'Seve' was also one of the great leaders of the Ryder Cup, a tournament where he holds several records. Thus, Europe is the fourth player to have played more games (37) and to have won more points (22.5), with a winning percentage of nearly 60 percent. With his leadership and presence, Europe won the 1985, 1987, 1989 (I favored the tie) and 1995, and his record in the competition helped him to be captain of the 1997 edition, which brought the course at Valderrama in Cadiz victory of the Old Continent. He was also the patron of Madrid's bid for the Ryder Cup 2018, whose headquarters were elected on 17 May.

And that worked Pedreña always try to return to golf what it had given him. With the sport established in Spain, and the emergence of new figures (Manuel Piñero, José Maria Cañizares and Jose Maria Olazabal), began to use its prestige and appears to extend the sport for the English territory. He also created the Seve Trophy, which mimics the Ryder model with clashes between British and European.

"What being an elite sport has passed into history. It is the third sport in our country and the most lucrative, and it is so great future. Should be the most supported because it gives the most money, is an industry. Attracts tourism, foreign exchange, brings how many football? "Said Ballesteros in 2006.

All of this leaves this great player as one of the largest in the history of golf as well said another myth of the sport, Arnold Palmer in 'Severiano Ballesteros. Autobiography' ('Her place among the best of all time is assured').


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