Friday, May 6, 2011

Incest How It Happens

"I'm bringing radicals to join the project of the President," said Montero (UCR), who also praised De Vido

Federal Capital
- The leader of the UCR Capital, Marcelo Montero, said that "for a while we are working hard with different leaders of the UCR for the purpose of adding to the project that leads wills President Cristina F. Kirchner, who lives with Planning Minister Julio De Vido as one of its key senior. "

Baires Impulse Montero confirmed that "we are accelerating our steps, and in recent weeks we have been in contact with many mayors, councilors, legislators, but also concerning the UCR intermediate whose perception that the current national model, led by President Cristina F. Kirchner, flying many flags historical radicalism. "

added that "in this context I think also in the building that makes a daily effort to Planning Minister Julio De Vido, who does constant gestures be an important tool for those who feel affinity with the current model of income also to star. "

Montero added in this regard that "there is national leadership of the Radical Party which took him straight into the arms of corporate economic and media power. To me very ashamed to see how, at the direction of these powers, it is catch the water with oil. Radicalism can not be with the conservative right, now referenced in Francisco De Narvaez Mauricio Macri. "


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