Friday, May 6, 2011

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Impulse Baires - Ricardo and Francisco have a plan: Sum climate of uncertainty over the alliance between Alfonsin and de Narváez Impulse

Capital Federal - While radical presidential candidate, Congressman Ricardo Alfonsin, were detained until Sunday at an Adventist entrerriano to quit smoking, there are few swords UCR maintaining the agreement with Deputy Francisco De Narváez. Only operator Aires, Miguel Bazza, and Senator Gerardo Morales is trying to convince the "troops" Alfonsin about "good business" is De Narváez. Silence and frustration in middle management. Meanwhile, K radicals accelerate and the City campaign Buenos Aires is papered.

Alfonsin is being held through Sunday at the Adventist Center Fitness, Entre Rios in the town of Puiggari, in order to try to quit smoking permanently.

Meanwhile, in Buenos Aires, its direct operations, such as the head of the committee Aires, Miguel Bazza, and the senator from Jujuy, Gerardo Morales, try to "measure the temperature" in favor and convince tweens not to be thrown out before the eventual agreement with Francisco De Narváez.

The strong rebuff to him by the Gen and socialism Buenos Aires to the idea of \u200b\u200bAlfonsin, is crippling the campaign The son of former President Raul Alfonsin was doing around the country.

Meanwhile, in cities were suspended activities, events and tours, and there is a kind of "deliberative state."

Alfonsin's idea to agree with De Narváez may fall because there is no consensus in the UCR to consummate. A proof of this is that no leader of weight came to support it, and neither did the bishops of Alfonsin, beyond the masterminds behind this idea: Morales and Bazza.

Stolbizer before yesterday and the Socialists took a picture of Buenos Aires was that it was a stab in the heart radical. They ratified their agreement progressive and said they want nothing to do with de Narváez. In a photo and a couple of paragraph summarizing the meeting on Tuesday had its own Stolbizer with Alfonsin, in the latter's office in Buenos Aires Santa Fe Avenue

By this time, the agreement with De Narváez not bought or radical mayors let alone the non-government leaders in their districts. "Neither can we vote for a radical conservative Peronist governor, neither Peronist Alfonsin will vote for him as president. This is bad, we turn red. We will troop to Elisa Carrio or Stolbizer Margarita ", reason in the districts.

Anyway, in the plenary of the Alfonsin "Bazzista" for example, is crushed with the supposed benefits of the agreement "is the way we win," he said over and over again. Alarm

Meanwhile, the governor of Santa Fe, the socialist Hermes Binner, also noted in those who do not want anything to do with arming with de Narváez. That fact led to next week hold a meeting with the radical leadership, and hence depend much of the electoral arrangements for this year. K Radicals

Meanwhile, in recent weeks accelerated speed assembly K of the radicals. In case the leader of Buenos Aires Marcelo Montero, Minister of arrival Planning Julio De Vido, made a giant sticker on the City of Buenos Aires where sending a clear message appears "conciliatory" and a phrase directed at their domestic opponents in the UCR: "No employee of the month or corporations ".

addition, scores of mayors of Cordoba, like that of Villa Dolores, Juan Manuel Pereyra, FPV will work with the province, and the reappointment of Craig F. Kirchner. They also have a bridge with De Vido, as some like Paul Guacone Buenos Aires, San Pedro, and Raul Iribarne, Monte.


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