Friday, May 6, 2011

Milena Velba White Sweater]

radical impulse Baires - Energy: "The ghost train which carried former officials still can not accept their own failures, "he said Montero

Capital Federal - Radical leader Marcelo Montero, referred to a document endorsed by former secretaries of energy where the government challenged the policies for the sector.

himself signed former officials Emilio Apud, Julio Cesar Araoz, Enrique Devoto, Roberto Echarte, Alieto Guadagni, Jorge Laperriere, Daniel and Raul Montamat Olocco, was described by Montero as "a pattern of a group of losers who meet occasionally for social as well to leave well-established and functional duties economic and media corporations. "

"The fact that this group of leaders who have failed in the public do not represent anyone, and do not want to understand that through this political cycle has achieved an economic consolidation where for the first time there are sound public policy . Today we can speak with certainty on energy, the search steady stream of new technologies, greater investment in infrastructure, and supported the management framework that Planning Minister Julio De Vido, saying that "with effort causes the growth of the economy has the infrastructure to support it deserves ".


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