Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ejaculation Accident Brazilian Wax

Don Cherry Quintets - Copenhagen Hilversum 1963 & 1966 (ed. 2011)

Taken from my review for Notebooks Jazz :

" You see the material contained in this record and has the feeling of being in a coup. Then, upon hearing it is when the troubles come. The first The most disheartening is the sound. The sources of the recordings included here are tracks recorded radio broadcasts at the time in Denmark and the Netherlands. The first sounds relatively good, but it is not only Cherry Quintet of New York Contemporary Five (which only indicated in the text of the booklet), a group led in any case, by Archie Shepp. Gentlemen, some seriously. "

" Given the time and the musicians involved in the two recordings of this Quintets, it is undeniable that there is material here first, especially in the Danish-session, but it is the feeling of being in scattered pieces of a big puzzle. "Unpublished? Yes Historic? Of course. But with all that is published there, this disc may be an option only for completists and collectors. "

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Taken from my review


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