Monday, May 2, 2011

How To Build A Wooden Ramp For A Truck

Baires - "De Narvaez wants fuel tanker south conflict to the detriment of the Argentinians," said Montero

The Radical Party leader, Marcelo Montero, considered "unreasonable and irresponsible attitude assumed by both the secretary of the Federation of Private Oil, Alberto Roberti, as the deputy Francisco De Narváez" in the southern oil crisis.
Montero said that "there attitudes of agitators in various sectors of the corporate press and trying to put fear and saying that there will fuel. That's all lies. The fuel is guaranteed. "

leader supported the Planning Minister Julio De Vido, in statements made today and they said that: "There is no possibility of shortage of fuel unless there was somewhat unexpected. If you have not missed over Easter I see no reason to be missing now, "said Planning Minister and explained that" while there is no production in Santa Cruz, there is production in Mendoza, Chubut, Neuquén, Tierra del Fuego, Salta and throughout the rest of the country. "

" The only site that is not working is the Santa Cruz north and a small portion of Chubut more than anything has to replace what is not produced in Santa Cruz, "said De Vido.
Meanwhile, Montero blamed" for not acting seriously Roberti, and De Narvaez for doing nothing to make do these situations, because the union and his wife, Rep. Monica Lopez, are people in your immediate environment. "


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